School of Engineering

Cochin University of Science and Technology
Kochi - 682022, Kerala, India


Research Interests : VLSI, NoC, Digital System Design, Digital Electronics, Computer Architecture

Scopus :
Google Scholar :

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  • "“System Level Analysis and Design of Re-configurable Multi-standard Sigma Delta Analog to Digital Converters for next generation of Wireless transceivers”" ( KSCSTE (Kerala State Council for Science, Technology)- 2013 -2016 , Total outlay Rs.948000)

  • "Performance Enhancement of Bufferless Routers for 2D Mesh Network-on-Chips" (TEQIP III- 2018 -2020 , Total outlay Rs.100000)

  • "MODROBS for VLSI Lab" (AICTE- 2020 -2021 , Total outlay Rs.1208000)

  • "Power reduction by switching activity minimization in 2 Dimensional Mesh Network-On-Chip" ( KSCSTE (Kerala State Council for Science, Technology)- 2020 -2020 , Total outlay Rs.10000)

  • "Mission 100kft" (TEQIP III- 2020 -2021 , Total outlay Rs.200000)

  • "Cost Effective Home automation and Monitoring" (TEQIP III- 2020 -2021 , Total outlay Rs.10000)

  • "Swarm Robotics" (TEQIP III- 2020 -2021 , Total outlay Rs.20000)

  • "Self Driving Car withdeep learning based real time image recognition and localization" (TEQIP III- 2020 -2021 , Total outlay Rs.30000)

  • "Autonomous synthetic swarms of drones " (TEQIP III- 2020 -2021 , Total outlay Rs.50000)