Associate Professor

Department of Physics

Cochin University of Science and Technology
Kochi - 682022, Kerala, India


Dr. Aldrin received his M.Sc. in Physics and Ph.D. from Cochin University of Science and Technology. He was a post-doctoral fellow at ENEA, Italy and Research Scientist at the Grup d’ Energia Solar of the University of Barcelona, Spain. He was a senior scientist at IIT Bombay from 2012 o 2019. Dr. Aldrin has received international postdoctoral fellowships by ICS-UNIDO, ICTP-UNESCO. He was the distinguished ‘National Solar Science Fellow’ of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt of India. Dr. Aldrin has over 20 years of research experience in material science and works extensively in state-of-the-art solar cell fabrication. He has supervised 4 Ph.D. theses and published over 50 research papers in peer-reviewed journals. He has 5 patents to his credit. He is also a consultant to different equipment manufacturing companies for product design, fabrication and process development. He is also the Honorary Director of the Centre of Excellence in Advanced Materials at CUSAT.

biosensors, 2D materials, low-cost Si heterojunction solar cells, Memristors, Si photovoltaics

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  • MNRE National Solar Science Fellow from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, in the year 2012

  • ICTP-UNESCO postdoctoral Fellowship from ICTP-UNESCO, in the year 2005

  • ICS-UNIDO Fellowship from ICS-UNIDO, in the year 2004

  • Common wealth Science Council Travel fellowship from Common wealth science council UK, in the year 2003

  • "Fabrication of interdigitated dopant free carrier Selective c-Si solar cell by scalable process with open circuit voltage above 700 mV" (SERB- 2020 -2023 , Total outlay Rs.3542264)

  • "Ultrafast laser beamlines for Multidisciplinary, Multitasking Research Programmes" (Chancellors Award Project- -0001 --0001 , Total outlay Rs.40000000)

  • "2D heterojunction Solar Cells, " (Seed Money Research Initiative- -0001 --0001 , Total outlay Rs.250000)

  • "Laser Assisted Fabrication of Inter- Digitated Dopant free Carrier Selective Silicon Hetero-junction Solar Cells" (ANERT- 2023 -2026 , Total outlay Rs.4701900)

  • Selectively Modulated Aesthetic Reflector Technology (SMART) coatings for colored aesthetic photovoltaic modules - Granted,2015

  • Solar Module with Selective Coloured Coating - Granted,0000

  • Thin film solar cells having combined textures - Granted,0000

  • Method for forming passivation and electron transporting layer for silicon using titanium dioxide - Published,0000

  • Gated Solar Cell for managing back-surface and method for fabrication thereof - Published,0000