Academic Audit

Academic audit is a scientific and systematic method of reviewing the quality of academic process in the institution. The Academic Audit 2018 conducted by University includes self-study by the departments and physical verification by peers from outside the institution.


i. To understand the existing academic and research processes in the departments.
ii. To ensure quality of teaching learning processes, research activities as well as other related processes.
iii. To ensure quality of research and academic outputs and to set new benchmarks in these outcomes.


The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the university has identified the following six criteria and prepared a format for conducting the academic audit based on these criteria.
i. Curricular Aspects
ii. Teaching, Learning & Evaluation
iii. Research and Consultancy
iv. Learning Resources
v. Extension Activities and Best Practises
vi. Basic Amenities and Green Initiatives

The teaching departments/ schools/ centres conduct a self study by assimilating information regarding the academic activities in the departments as per the format. The audit is conducted at individual departments with the help of external experts from within and outside the state. The peer reviewers visit the departments and do physical verification of the processes, documents and facilities. Each team critically reviews the academic processes in the departments and their suggestions for taking necessary corrective measures, is helpful for the university to attain its targets.